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Golfers Insurance

The Mayfair Golfers Policy is a Comprehensive insurance policy packaged for all Golfers and provides the following benefits:

What is Covered?

Section A – Golf Equipment
Cover for your Golf Kits and all accessories for loss and/or sudden and accidental damages.

Section B – Personal Effect
Loss and/or theft of Personal Effects while at the Club House, Pavilion, Pro-Shops or while locked in a Club Locker.

Section C – Third Party Liabilities
Indemnifying the Policyholder against all sums which he/she shall become legally liable to pay for compensation including Claimants costs in respect of any accident while playing or practicing. This section covers both third party injuries and property damaged.

Section D – Personal Accident
Capital Sum payable for injury or death including medical expenses incurred whilst at any recognized golf course in Zambia provided the Insured is between the ages of 16 and 70.

Section E – Hole in One
Payable to the Policyholder the amount specified under the Policy should the Policyholder score a “Hole-In-One” during actual play and not in any practice session.

Why Mayfair Golfers Policy?
– Reasonable Insurance Premium and Payment Terms.
– Covers all Golfers aged between 16 and 70 regardless of Age and/or Handicap.
– Policy is valid when you play at any recognized Golf Course in Zambia.
– Cover can be extended World-wide upon request.
– Entitlement to Discounts at participating Golf Shops.
– Free Gift for every Policy Holder!
– Terms and Conditions Apply


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