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Motor Commercial

The Law requires that all Vehicles on Public Roads must have insurance or a form of security against third party bodily injury or death liabilities.

The various scopes of cover available are as follows:

–       Comprehensive

–       Third Party, Fire & Theft

–       Third Party only


This is the widest cover that you get and includes:

a) Accidental damage to the vehicle, including fire damage
b) Theft of vehicle
c) Damage to other vehicles or property (TPPD)
d) Injury to or death of a passenger in your vehicle (applicable to private cars)
e) Injury to or death of Third Party person(s) outside your vehicle, caused by your vehicle (TPPI)

The above are the basic areas under the Comprehensive cover. However we will extend the policy to cover the following, normally at a nominal additional cost;

–       Riot, Strike and Civil Commotion.

–       Flood, Typhoon, Hurricane, Volcanic Eruption And Earthquake.

–       Windscreen (Replacement if Windscreen Breaks Accidentally)

–       Non Standard Accessories Like Radio Cassette Etc

–       Medical Expenses

–       Towing Expenses

2. Third Party Fire and Theft cover
This cover is not very common. It has features of Comprehensive cover but excludes damage arising from an accident. This is advisable for vehicles not exposed on the roads.

The policy may be extended to include the above extra covers under comprehensive cover.

3. Third Party Only
This covers unlimited liability for Third party personal injuries or death. For any vehicle, this is the minimum cover required by the Motor Insurance Act.


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